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The concept of ‘Diversity’ is defined in many ways across organizations and among individuals, but the idea of ‘Inclusion’ and the realization that diversity is a vital asset in a workforce, should be especially evident in the travel and tourism industry where people from all backgrounds interact daily. We at the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau have long been committed to supporting the diverse talent in our region, as evidenced by having the country’s first multicultural division of a CVB, now a business development division called PHLDiversity, which works to bring diverse conventions to Philadelphia.
— Julie Coker Graham, President and CEO, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
As the world moves ahead, the workplace will evolve, not just in technology but in terms of human composition. For the next generation of leaders, understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion will be essential to moving industries forward. For higher education programs, it is vital that our classrooms and programs continue to inform our students how to leverage diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage.

We at Temple University and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management have been committed to supporting and developing future leaders through integrated classroom environments where students develop their management skills in a diverse and inclusive setting.
— Jeremy S. Jordan, PhD